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Featuring stories of unsolved crimes from around the US and hosted by a crime analyst and former police officer, this show will offer an informed perspective on each case.
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Nov 12, 2015

In June of 2011, a 30-year-old lone hiker set off from Maryland heading south to Georgia along the Appalachian Trail. He last spoke to his family 45 days later when over 200 of his over 800-mile journey was completed. 12 days later, his body was found partially buried near a shelter along a side trail in central Virginia. #truecrime #unsolvedcrime

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Dana Boule - At Dawn

Timber Timbre - Demon Host

Oct 6, 2015

Imagine your favorite high school teacher. What were they like? What was it about them that made you want to pay attention in class. Or if you couldn’t do that, what was it about them that made them your favorite? Mine was a Psychology teacher in my senior year. He was very easy to talk to. He made himself available to you and met you were you were. He pushed me to take on challenges. I was new at the school and trying out for the basketball team. He made me, a very shy, straight A nerd, who knew no one, the captain of the basketball conditioning club. I’m still grateful for that attempt by him to help me see the leadership skills I possessed but largely ignored. He stood up for me and I trusted him immensely.

This story is about a teacher just like that. Who was well loved.  She was described as a real life version of Maria from The Sound of Music. She was a nun. She taught english, coached drama and was musically minded.  Her students trusted and confided in her. Sometimes confiding dark things to her. 


Touching Light - Scott Holmes

Mindship - Sergey Cheremisinov

Fragile Ice - Sergey Cheremisinov

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Aug 16, 2015

Welcome to the show! This is the intro mini episode, where you meet the host and hear a bit about what to expect from Unsolved Podcast.

New episodes will be released beginning in September 2015.